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You’re getting warmer…


Hi! I’m Rachel, Founder of Harper Coats.

Last winter, you wore your January parka in rain, sleet, snow, and that weird leftover sludge that piles up on the sidewalks. Thank you for braving the elements with us. We couldn’t have made it to this winter without you.

To make this season the warmest yet, we perfected our cruelty-free fur, refined our sustainability practices, and changed our name to Harper — because January’s not the only cold month of the year. Trust us, we’re New Yorkers.

Harper makes the same thoughtfully designed, functional coats with two new machine-washable styles in three new colors debuting this season. Our 2020 collection, including your favorite parka, will be available for pre-order 9/29.

From snowy, single-digit temps to late night take-out treks, we can’t wait to join you in everything this winter brings.


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