JANUARY is on a mission to dress everyone in a jacket they love.

An adult human makes 35,000 decisions a day — you don’t need to make any more of them. The perfect jacket doesn’t just mean more closet space, it means more mental space.

Designed to support you wherever you’re going, the January parka is warm and weighted with a minimalist cut, so it looks (and feels) good over anything. Specifically manufactured with windproof and waterproof materials and designed for deep pockets without the puff, you’ll never have to spend another minute in front of your door wondering which coat to put on. Classic and machine-washable with a lifetime guarantee, you can finally get a coat that'll keep you warm all winter at a fraction of the cost of comparable coats on the market.

On the days when you have a morning commute, an afternoon workout, and an evening date, you have January. 


The Team

January was created by Rachel, a New York City resident who was always frustrated when she had to dress to go outside in the cold city winters. The choice was either dressing to be warm enough to get to the office, or dressing to look appropriate at meetings and after-work events — but never both. So, once she had the chance to build a brand that solves this problem, she got right to work designing the perfect parka, with thousands of data points and feedback from customers. Go ahead, you can love winter again ❤️